Awaiting action in the senate committee

Human Trafficking Hotline Posting (Senate Bills 417-418- Senators Margaret O’Brien and Judy Emmons): Currently certain places are mandated to post a notice about human trafficking, which includes the hotline number, on their premises, including public rest areas, adult entertainment establishments, and public airports. Under Senate Bills 417-418, other locations would be added to the required list, such as emergency rooms, urgent care centers, farm labor contractors, job recruitment centers, and stadiums.
Await action in the Senate Families, Seniors and Human Services Committee.

Nudity in Adult-Oriented Businesses with Liquor Licenses (Senate Bill 608- Senator Rick Jones): Under this act, nudity of the pubic region, anus, or genitals (or other types of nudity banned by local ordinance) would not be allowed within adult-oriented businesses where liquor is served. This type of nudity would also not be allowed to be shown on films, electronic reproductions, or slides in those premises.
The bill has not yet received a hearing in the Senate Regulatory Reform Committee.

Awaiting action in the House committee

Prostitution House (House Bill 4652- Representative Bob Kosowski): A person who detains, brings, receives, or employs a minor under age 16 to a house of prostitution is guilty of a crime. House Bill 4652 amends this state law to include a minor under age 18.
Sits in the House Law and Justice Committee.

Human Trafficking Victim Privilege (House Bill 4683- Representative Bob Kosowski): Under this legislation, information discussed between a victim and a human trafficking counselor would be deemed a confidential communication. The information discussed would not be admissible as evidence in civil or criminal proceedings without the prior written consent of the victim. This practice is currently followed with victim of sexual assault or domestic violence and their counselors.
Awaits action in the House Law and Justice Committee.


Prostitution Exemption for Law Enforcement (Senate Bill 275- Senator Judy Emmons and House Bill 4355- Gary Glenn): Michigan is the only U.S. state that still has a law granting on-duty police officers immunity from prosecution if they have sex with a prostitute during an investigation. Local and state police say they do not use this tactic or include it in undercover training. The following two bills would eliminate this exemption:
SB 275- Passed the Senate (4/26/17) and House Law and Justice Committee (6/13/17). The bill awaits further action on the House floor.
HB 4355- Passed the House of Representatives (6/20/17) and the Senate Judiciary Committee (9/13/17). The measure awaits consideration in the full Senate.

Governor Synder signed
two measures, SB 275 and HB 4355, eliminating the Law Enforcement Prostitution Exemption on 12/13/17.

Last Updated: 12/20/17

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